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Welcome to the European Health Data & Evidence Network (EHDEN), an IMI 2 consortium with 25 partners operating in Europe.

EHDEN was launched in November 2018 to address the current challenges in generating insights and evidence from real-world clinical data at scale, to support patients, clinicians, payers, regulators, governments, and the industry in understanding wellbeing, disease, treatments, outcomes and new therapeutics and devices.

EHDEN is proud to be collaborating with OHDSI colleagues in ongoing studies since March 2020 on COVID-19, see more information here and on the OHDSI website here. Meanwhile, our thanks to all who we work with in reaching our collective mission.

Importantly the EHDEN Portal launched its first component, the Data Partner Catalogue, which debuted at the OHDSI Europe Symposium in June 2022 - more here.

EHDEN's five-year IMI 2 phase will end in 2024. To build on its successes, a new legal entity, the EHDEN Foundation, was created in the Netherlands. The EHDEN Foundation will serve to transition the EHDEN project into a long-term, sustainable operation that will continue to promote and foster a strong and growing open science community, supporting studies, study-a-thons, methodological and technical developments, and research programmes.

We look forward to a stronger than ever collaboration as momentum to transform to the EHDEN Foundation continues to build. We will of course continue to share news on this front as it develops.